Get All The Anti-inflammatory Benefits of FOUR Servings of Sweet, Ripe Fruit.
While eliminating over 200 calories of pure sugar

Introduction By Dr. Steven Sisskind, MD


A surprising problem people have when trying to lose weight is eating too much fruit.

You see, the phytonuturients and antioxidants contained in fruits (especially the purple and red variety) provide essential health benefits and support weight loss by balancing our natural anti-inflammatory response.

However, fruit also contains a lot of sugar! More specifically, it contains high amounts of fructose… that can go straight to our bellies!

In fact, just four servings of fruit contain over 240 calories of pure fat-packing sugar!

Dr. Steven Sisskind MD

And (as you will learn later) drinking juices and fruit smoothies can be absolutely devastating to your waistline.

So how do you get the benefits of these fruits without all the sugar?

You create a delicious whole fruit blend that:

  • Contains only 30 calories (thus saving you over 200 calories
    of pure sugar)
  • Supports weight loss by balancing your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response
  • Tastes sweet and delicious, and mixes easily with water

This is precisely what our research team did, and we call it RealReds™.

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The RealReds™ Advantage
Enjoy the Benefits of Fruit Without All The Sugar

What is RealReds™?

RealReds™ is a delicious blend of 8 superfruits (acai, cherries, apples, blueberries, cranberries, pomegranate, raspberries, and strawberries), organic vegetables & enzymes.

Just one small serving has the protective power of four servings of fruit… with just 30 calories and 7 grams of net carbs.

One tablespoon of RealReds™ is equal to 4 servings of fruit
& does not contain all of the sugar

How fruit can cause weight gain

High in Calories: Four servings of fruit will typically contain over 240 calories and over 60 grams of simple sugars. To put this in perspective, it would take a 30 minute run just to burn these calories off every day.

Fructose – The Fattening Sugar: New research1 demonstrates that the type of sugar in fruits (fructose), gets turned into fat more quickly than even simple “table” sugar. Also, unlike table sugar, fructose does not provide a signal to your brain that you are full.

So not only are you more likely to turn fructose into fat, you are also more likely to overeat.

Fruit Juices… Fat in a Glass: Somewhere locked in the back of our mind is the belief that fruit juice is healthy and guilt free. The truth is, however, that drinking fruit juice is almost as bad as drinking soda.

This is because one of the saving graces of eating whole fruits (although they still provide too much sugar) is the fiber content that slows down the rate of sugar absorption.

Without this protective fiber, the fruit sugar goes straight into your blood stream… causing a hormonal cascade that can lead to fast weight gain.

Let’s compare fruit juice to soda. A 12-ounce bottle of grape soda (the bad stuff) contains 159 calories of pure sugar. While a 12-ounce bottle of unsweetened grape juice (the healthy stuff) contains a whopping 228 calories!!!

Sure, the juice contains more nutrients than soda, but not nearly enough to justify the sugar and calories.

This is why Dr. David Ludwig, an expert on pediatric obesity at Children’s Hospital Boston, said "Juice is only minimally better than soda."

Over 70 Grams of Sugar In a Typical Medium Smoothie.

Fruit Smoothies… A False Sense of Security:

You’re at the airport or shopping mall and you think you’re doing the right thing by skipping the burger and fries and going for the fruit smoothie bar. Wrong!

The most dangerous part of a smoothie is its healthy reputation. If you go to Jamba Juice, Robeks, or even McDonalds, you will find their smoothies contain loads of sugar in form of fructose. After reviewing the combined menus, I noticed the typical medium smoothie contains well over 70 grams of sugar! Although there is some fiber, it is definitely not enough to prevent the fat-packing sugar cascade that is sure to follow.

If you do order a smoothie, stick with berries and make sure they don’t add any EXTRA sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Marsha loves the fruity smell…
“I’m using RealReds in my vanilla shakes. I love the fruity smell. I try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables but when I can’t, I love the option of putting RealReds in my shake ESPECIALLY when I have the need to watch the calories… Not much “fresh anything” has 30 calories… So in comes RealReds to the rescue…”

Marsha Holland - a Happy RealDose Customer

How fruit can help you shed pounds

Among its other health benefits, the polyphenols and phytonutrients in fruit help balance your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.

In fact, according to a study recently published in the journal Nutrient2, adding 2 or more servings of fruit significantly lowers the leading markers of inflammation.

Why is this important for fat loss?

New research is demonstrating that inflammation can lead to weight issues.3 And to make it worse…

Weight issues lead to inflammation. I call this the “Inflammation & Weight Gain Vicious Cycle”:

  1. Chronic Inflammation releases
    hormones that lead to excess fat.
  2. Excess fat releases inflammatory
    hormones that lead to chronic
  3. Then the cycle repeats itself…

This is why it is so important to get the phytonutrients contained in fruits… they can help break the inflammation-weight gain cycle.

RealReds™ provides a convenient, delicious and low calorie way for you to break the inflammation cycle and get to the body you deserve.

Easy, convenient and cost effective

The Right Fruits Made Easy
How many times have you had to throw away fruit because it has gone bad? If you are like me, it happens all the time. And being busy, it’s really difficult to keep the right fruits and vegetables around.

Having RealReds™ on hand gives me the security of knowing that the right fruits are just seconds away.

Cost Effective
Let’s face it, organic fruits (the only kind I trust) are expensive.



Cost per serving
(Not organic)

Cost Per Serving (Not Organic)

Cost per serving

Cost Per Serving (Organic)

Cost per serving

Cost Per Serving (RealReds)

Raspberries $2.06 $2.51 Included
Blueberries $1.31 $2.40 Included
Cherries $1.22 $2.23 Included
Strawberries $0.89 $1.89 Included
Apples $0.28 $0.50 Included
Grapes $0.32 $1.20 Included

Average Daily Cost of four servings of fruit:

Average Daily Cost of Four Servings of Fruit:

(Per Day)

$4.05 (Per Day)

(Per Day)

$7.15 (Per Day)

(Per Day)

Only $1.56 (Per Day)


As you can see, the red and purple berries are more expensive than other fruits. Four servings of the right combination of fruits can easily cost you over $4.00 a day if you don’t eat organic (which I don’t recommend).

And if you go healthy and choose organic (like the fruits in RealReds™), it can cost you over $7.00 a day to get four servings of these important red and purple fruits.

And don’t forget, your cost will likely be higher since you’ll probably wind up throwing away spoiled fruit once in a while. Plus, the health benefits of both fruits and vegetables quickly diminish once they’re off the vine.

The good news is the cost of RealReds™ is less than $2 a day, and remember… you are getting the important phytonutrients from expensive organic red and purple fruits without the sugar or inconvenience of having to keep the right fruits around that can go bad.

Just Mix a Tablespoon a Day, and Keep the Inflammation Away…

Here’s What Some Of Our Customers
Have To Say About RealReds™*

*Results Not Typical
Patti’s husband commandeers her RealReds™
“I like the idea of RealReds. I think it is a good product and a way of getting the benefits of berries but with fewer calories and less cost. My husband read the labeling and commandeered my RealReds. He likes them a lot and uses them every day. I had to ask him to share!”

Patti Thomas - a Happy RealDose Customer

How can you go wrong with RealReds™?
“I am very impressed with RealReds because you are getting the equivalent of four fruit servings and vegetables in just one tablespoon. It is a sugar-free, low-carb, gluten-free and low-calorie healthy supplement. As you probably know, while fruits are sweet and delicious, they are full of natural sugar, so you have to watch the amount you eat, or you’ll end up gaining weight, thinking because you’re eating healthy fruit, you should be losing weight. If you like, you can replace fruit in a RealMeal shake with RealReds, while adding yogurt and skim-milk for a delicious, healthy drink. I am going to try it with hot water as a replacement for hot tea as well. How can you go wrong with RealReds?”

Jane Blaho - a Happy RealDose Customer

Get Your Fruit, Lose The Sugar
With RealReds™ Today

One Month Supply

Your Price:


$1.80 a serving


Three Month Supply

Typical Price: $162


$1.62 a serving

You Save: $16 (10%)

Six Month Supply

Typical Price: $324

$276Best Value

$1.56 a serving

You Save: $48 (15%)

Results & Satisfaction Guarantee

RealDose is not about sensationalism. All of the products we sell including RealReds™, are backed by our worry-free purchasing policy. We are big sticklers about making sure that people are happy and they get the results that they’re expecting. So we’re protecting you with the RealDose Unconditional 365-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

In addition, RealDose has put together a relationship with to process your order and hold us accountable by Amazon’s own A-to-Z guarantee should you decide to use the checkout option. This is like a double guarantee that you get the results you’re promised. We have done this because is the world’s largest online retailer with a proven track record for providing a safe, secure online ordering experience. We wanted to eliminate any concern that you might have about the safety of placing an order online or getting the results you expect.

Who am I?
And What Is RealDose Nutrition All About?

Every product we offer must first become RealDose “Certified” by undergoing a rigorous development and manufacturing process.

Scientific review of human studies to select “The Right Ingredient at the Real Dose.”

Physician review of every ingredient.

Sourcing of each ingredient from approved growers and suppliers.

Third party testing to confirm the identity, purity and potency of each ingredient.

Manufactured in the USA in our FDA inspected facilities that strictly comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

As an extra standard of excellence, all our products must pass the “Mom Test.” If we wouldn’t offer it to our Moms, we won’t offer it to you.

Dr. Steven Sisskind, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

If you aren’t one of our customers, you might be interested to know a little more about us.

I helped create RealDose Nutrition to provide people with nutritional supplements that were backed by science… and supported by a caring group of health professionals who use our products every day.

We now have over 90,000 customers who not only receive the best ingredients that science has to offer, but who receive support from a team that includes dieticians, personal trainers, nutritionists, and, of course, myself.

I am a Medical Doctor. I completed my undergraduate studies at Stanford University and received my medical degree from The Baylor College of Medicine. My passion is helping people live healthy, energetic lives through proper diet, lifestyle and supplementation. And I am with you all the way.

I am also a father of four children under the age of eight, and my wife is also a health practitioner… so I understand just how hard it is to live a healthy life while burning the candle at both ends.

RealDose is one of, if not the only supplement company I know, that provides a full one-year guarantee on every product we sell… no hassles and no questions asked.

We also provide health coaching, meal planning, exercise advice, and even recipes to all of our customers.

I truly believe we have raised the bar for how supplement companies create products and treat their customers.

Tastes Delicious
Your Kids Will Love RealReds™

One aspect of RealReds™ you need to know about is just how great it tastes. Just mix with water and it becomes an amazing treat.

Whenever I get a sweet tooth, I just mix some RealReds™ with water, add ice and I have myself a “guilt-free desert.”

Makes a Delicious Frozen Treat

My kids also love RealReds™. They think they‘re “getting away with something” whenever we let them have a RealReds™ popsicle… while my wife Melanie and I smile knowing they’re getting four servings of the right fruits and virtually no sugar!

Tastes “Mouth Watering” in shakes and smoothies!

We love to mix RealReds™ into our protein shakes. And when you mix it with RealMeal GF™ and ice it’s simply heavenly.

The Taste is even more amazing
When you consider what is not in RealReds™

We didn’t “cheat” when we formulated RealReds™. There’s no artificial sweeteners or added sugar. RealReds™ also has no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish, or soy.

And of course RealReds™ does not contain any genetically modified organisms. Details like these are a big deal to me and I think you’ll agree that your good health is worth it.

Here’s What Some Of Our Customers
Have To Say About RealReds™*

*Results Not Typical
Barbara loves how rich and creamy RealReds™ tastes…
“I was very interested in trying RealReds – to see if it really is as easy as it says to take. What a great way to get some extra fruits and vegetables. I have been using it in my “shakes” which I fix using 8oz. non-fat milk, 1 scoop of protein power, 6oz greek yogurt, some extra strawberries, and ground flax seed and mix it in the blender. WOW, how rich and creamy it tastes – I love it. I use it for at least one of my meals. I find that my energy level has increased and I have been sleeping much better. I probably use the RealReds most at breakfast time in a shake – I look forward to it. RealReds are a ‘keeper.’”

Barbara Phillips - a Happy RealDose Customer

Carole likes the boost of healthy energy…
“RealReds is a great way to start your day. It gives a person a boost of healthy energy to get going in a positive, upbeat direction.”

Carole Branning - a Happy RealDose Customer

Let’s Take a Deeper Dive Into
What Exactly IS in RealReds™
The Science Behind RealReds™
Health & Weight Loss Benefits

Red and purple superfruit blend (contains organic ingredients)


These particular fruits are known for their high polyphenol and phytonutrient content. More specifically they contain high amounts of anthocyanins (a type of flavonoid with powerful health benefits). The research is still mounting on the specific benefits of anthocyanins to humans, but personally I am extremely bullish and make sure that my family and I consume a healthy amount every day.

Don’t Forget Your Vegetables…

We decided to include a special blend of organic beet and carrot powders in order to add even more phytonutrients from the “red” family. Don’t worry, these vegetable powerhouses actually enhance the sweet, delicious taste of RealReds™…just don’t tell your kids!!!

Polyphenol Super Blend…

Enjoy the Benefits of red wine without the alcohol or sugar with the power of resveratrol - one of the active ingredients in RealReds™

Just to sweeten the pot, we added OxyPhyte® extracts (grape skin, grape seed and apple). These extracts add valuable anti-oxidants and polyphenols… plus resveratrol (the natural ingredient in red wine that is responsible for its health benefits).

Special Enzyme Blend For Healthy Digestion…

RealReds™ provides four enzymes that help aid the digestive process. These include protease for protein digestion, amylase for carbohydrate digestion, lipase for fat digestion and cellulase for fiber digestion.

I am a big proponent of digestive enzymes for overall health, and believe these enzymes can help you absorb more of the nutrients in RealReds™ and other healthy foods you may eat.

RealReds™: The most convenient,
delicious & cost effective way
to experience the weight loss
benefits of fruits…
While eliminating over 200 calories
of pure sugar.

We developed RealReds™ to solve a problem.

Fruits have amazing health benefits, including the ability to restore your body’s natural inflammatory response. And it’s this response that can prevent weight problems… and break the inflammation – fat cycle.

But in order to get these benefits, you have to ingest over 240 calories of unnecessary sugars… And to make matters worse, the type of sugar contained in fruits is predominantly fructose.

Fructose will cause your body to lay down more fat than table sugar! And it won’t even tell your brain that you are full…

That’s why we created RealReds™. Four servings of fruit, and only 30 calories and 7 grams of net carbohydrates.

Just mix one tablespoon into a glass of water and you have a delicious snack that even the most finicky kid (or adult) will beg for!

At well under $2 a serving, RealReds is less expensive than four servings of non-organic fruits… and contains so much more than just four servings of fruit.

The RealDose team has been testing and enjoying RealReds for a while now and we love it. This is the first time we have offered it to the public.

We believe we have enough in stock, but it seems every time we release something new we sell out the first day. So if you are interested in RealReds, order some now or you may have to wait a couple of weeks.

Get Your Fruit, Lose The Sugar
With RealReds™ Today

One Month Supply

Your Price:


$1.80 a serving


Three Month Supply

Typical Price: $162


$1.62 a serving

You Save: $16 (10%)

Six Month Supply

Typical Price: $324

$276Best Value

$1.56 a serving

You Save: $48 (15%)

Still not convinced?
Here’s What Some Of Our Customers
Have To Say About RealReds™*

*Results Not Typical
Cindy loves how easy RealReds™ is to use…
“RealReds are a great supplement to add into your healthy lifestyle routine allowing you to achieve daily nutrient requirements in one easy measurement.”

Cindy Navarino - a Happy RealDose Customer

Marva likes the taste of RealReds™…
“Good flavor, tastes like strawberry. No after taste.”

Marva Osborn - a Happy RealDose Customer

1. Parks, E.J. Dietary Sugars Stimulate Fatty Acid Synthesis in Adults. The Journal of Nutrition, 2008 Jun; 138(6): 1039-46.

2. Root MM, McGinn MC, Nieman DC, et al. Combined fruit and vegetable intake is correlated with improved inflammatory and oxidant status from a cross-sectional study in a community setting. Nutrients. 2012; 4(1): 29-41.

3. Smorlesi A, Frontini A, Giordano A, Cinti S. The adipose organ: white-brown adipocyte plasticity and metabolic inflammation. Obes Rev. 2012; 13 (suppl 2):83-96.

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