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The Truth About Cardio

If your main fat loss tool is long cardio…

Jogging, long bike rides, an hour a day on the treadmill, or basically any cardio that takes you more than 16 minutes to complete…

Then you have fallen for the “cardio myth”… and are probably having a hard time keeping the weight off.

It’s About Energy Production

You have two primary energy systems that support physical activity:

  1. Aerobic: Produces energy slowly… used for long duration cardio
  2. Anaerobic: Produces energy quickly… used for
    sprinting and short term energy bursts

Intense activities use both systems because they usually exceed your anaerobic threshold. But this does NOT work in reverse…

As moderate activity almost NEVER requires support from the anaerobic energy system.

Burning Fat AFTER Exercise

Intense activity creates a process called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

What this means is that after you have stopped exercising (even after just 5 minutes of intense exercise), your body’s metabolism can remain elevated for up to a few DAYS!

This simply does not happen with regular cardio – you only burn what you burn while exercising.

More importantly, intense exercise actually builds lean, sexy muscles… while long form cardio can reduce muscle mass.

Would You Rather Look Like This or This?

Marathon Runner: Long Cardio Pole Vaulter: Short Bursts of Energy 


Marathon Runner: Long Cardio


Sprinter: Short Bursts

And it Gets Worse

Done too often, long form cardio can cause cellular damage and too much wear and tear on your joints. This wear and tear can cause inflammation, which as I told you in my report…

Can compete with your leptin receptors and actually prevent you from burning fat.

I am not saying to never do long form cardio, I am saying to limit this to once or twice a week. And I do recommend long walks almost every day, as this is actually restorative… and you will burn close to the same amount of calories as long cardio anyway!

How to Exercise With Intensity

Intensity is relative. Some people can sprint for 60 seconds with relative ease, while others become heavily winded after just walking up a steep hill.

The goal then is to do something like sprinting, biking, swimming, elipticycle for a period of 45 seconds that feels intense for you, which means…

Gasping for air at the end [this means you would not be able to have a conversation].

Then you walk slowly for as long as it takes to be able to comfortably speak again.

This could be 1 minute, 2 minutes… or even 3 minutes.

Then exercise again… do this for 16 minutes tops and you are done.

Just do this 3 times a week and I assure you that you will burn far more fat than doing normal long cardio for 45 minutes, 5 times a week!

Quick Note

If you’re out of shape, don’t overdo it! You can still benefit without the risk of hurting yourself. As I said, intensity is relative.

Start out with a level of intensity that is challenging for you.

Please keep me posted…

Steven Sisskind, M.D.

P.S. This is just one topic from my Fat Loss Fast Start Program…

All customers of our Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 supplement receive this program absolutely free.

And if you have not read about this new formula, which combats the four hormonal reasons why you have so much trouble losing weight…

And has two separate ingredients, both proven in double blind human studies to more than double weight loss when compared to a placebo…

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I have never been more proud about anything in my life (well maybe marrying my “rock” of a wife, fathering three wonderful
children, and graduating from Baylor College of Medicine tops it) but I am having the same kind of proud feelings!

Please submit your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Marie says:

    Does this 16 min. include the resting periods?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Yes, the 16 minutes includes the resting periods. Thanks for your interest in RealDose. Dr. Steve

      • Sam says:

        Hi Dr. Steve:

        I want to try your weight loss stuff but can’t really afford the expense right now but will try it soon. Your article about long cardio was enlightening. I have been doing martial arts for years and my workout consists mainly of 10 minutes of jumprope, then 10 minutes of strengthening, 50 to 100 arm dips (triceps), 50 to 100 crunches, 50 to 100 push ups and 100 to 200 leg dips or some call them lunges. All of this is done intensely and without stopping (1 min. breaks between) then I do another 10 to 20 minutes of kickboxing which is also aerobic. Then I do Iron Vest Chi Kung which is slow but strenous. I am working my butt off and can’t seem to lose my gut and maybe this is why my joints ache all the time, especially my back. I am doing too much long cardio and not enough short burst type cardio?. I eat a pretty healthy diet, organic produce and meats, brown rice, and healthy grains too. Can you give me any additional advice regarding my workout? should I be doing 1 minute rounds on the heavy bag or 2 min rounds till I can’t breathe and then wait til i can speak? I like this idea because it sure would make my fighting skills more intense in the short term. Thanks.

        • Dr. Steve says:

          HI Sam, thanks for writing in. It sounds like you have a very strenuous routine, however over time your body adapts to stress you put it under and you have to make changes to see results again. The length of time to consider for your intense bursts depends on your current level of conditioning and endurance (both muscle and cardiovascular endurance). I would suggest working at about 80-90% of your max (until you can’t hold a conversation) and then slowing down to recover for as long as it takes. For example, during my cardio workouts I sprint at 8.0 mph for 1:00 and then recover for :45 – :60 and I repeat this for a duration of 20-30 minutes or 2.5-3 miles. My best advice is always listen to your body. We always know when we can work a little harder, or when we need an honest rest. Push yourself but pace yourself….and let me know how it goes !

    • ishraga says:

      Dear Doctor,
      you are proud of your self ,me too proud of you.
      ineed your help ,my wt reached 96kg my ht167cm.
      igot big stomach.which diet and exercise are better 4 me.
      yours sincerly, ishraga

      • Dr. Steve says:

        Dear Ishraga, A good place to start is with the Fat Loss Fast Start Program which gives good advice on diet and exercise. It comes free to every new RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 customer.

    • MaxHavok says:

      should be more inspiration to work harder with a 16 min time limit,lol

  2. Sally says:


  3. Just to say thank you for that! This way of exercising to lose weight is what I have been advocating for some time now as I used it myself when I lost 56 lbs two or three years ago! I still battle with people who believe in slow cardio – even though they get no result on the weight loss front! They choose not to believe me even though the evidence is standing before them!!

    So, as I say, thank you for confirming medically all that I have been saying….

  4. Barbara says:

    Dr, I have just ordered your product and I really hope I will be successful. I am 64 years old and have done cardio (st. bike) and lifted weights for 16 years and have not burned much fact. I build easily and don’t burn at all well. I will keep you posted on my progress. Success in this area would change my life.


    • Dr. Steve says:

      Dear Barbara,

      Thanks for writing in. I want to wish you great success in reaching your weight loss goals. You deserve it!

      Here’s to your health!

      Dr. Steve

  5. Genny Kaplun says:

    Thanks a lot, but it looks like long cardio is not my problem. My work out is very moderate and balanced.

    I have 3 different works out in a week: 1 hour cycle, 1hour weight lift (bodypump), 1 hour pilates + abs room exercise with 20 minutes treadmill sometimes. Every evening 1 hour walking after dinner, very healthy full of vegetabe and fruits meals. I feel excelent and look not bad, but my weight is 180 -177 lbs. I will increase protein and add more broccoli and spinach this week. Thanks a lot. Tell me how to add (flax) seeds to my meal. Thank you again.

    • Dr. Steve says:

      A good way to add flax to your diet is in your morning smoothie. I buy raw organic flax seeds from the health food store, put two tablespoons in the blender and grind them up. Then add the other ingredients. It’s important to eat flax seeds ground up, otherwise they are difficult to digest and you don’t get the benefits. Hope this helps!

      • Joe Dayney says:

        I just placed my order for RealDose. Will I be receiving the FastStart Tips via EMail ?

        I have Flax Seeds … but they are “seeds” … are You saying that more benefit and absorption occurs if these are “ground” up ? Can this be done with the raw seeds in a coffee grinder ?

        • Anne says:

          In response to Joe’s question about grinding flax seeds in a coffee grinder – yes, that works great.

          And for Genny – another way to include ground flax is sprinkled into oatmeal or other hot cereal, on cold cereal, on salad, pasta, or with yogurt, granola and fruit.

  6. Ted says:

    Al Sears, MD advocates a program he calls “PACE” which is (or seems to be) what you are advocating. Do you have any comments about the PACE program?

  7. Joe Dayney says:

    One other question … how safe is this combination taken if User also takes other supplements and medications ?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Dear Joe,

      Yes, you definitely get more benefit from flax seeds when they are freshly ground. A coffee grinder works great for this. Regarding your other supplements and medications, it’s best for you to consult your healthcare practitioner.

      Dr. Steve

  8. carol says:

    I think what you are describing is interval training? On my elliptical machine, it gives you intense exercies, then drops the resistance down markedly, then intense again, then drops the resistance again. I’ll have to see how to set it for a 1 min intense period and see how that goes. Interestingly enough, I had read something about this, and was at a plateau with my wt loss for months, no matter what I did, how I rotated carbs or calories, etc. I asked the people at the diet place where I was going weekly and they said Absolutely not, interval training was not for weight loss, what I needed was sustained exercise for at least 30 min, with my heart rate between 110 and 120. (I am 60) It seems I might have been paying a lot of money for bad advice?

    • Cheryl Wilson says:

      I have been subscribing to Prevention Magazine for years and they recently came out with an exercise program that guarentees weight loss. It advocates running for a short time and walking to achieve recovery. The alternate running and walking got results in every member of the test group.

  9. Janet says:

    You are absolutely spot on with this advice! I have a friend who owns a non traditional gym and that is what he preaches!

  10. Dee says:

    So If I do 60 minutes of high intense aerobics 3 times per week which includes, Monday Bootcamp with lots of running and kick boxing; Wednesday, lots of jumping jax, jumping rope, the Barre, and using weights while lunging; Friday, step aerobics with intervals of wts for upper body; I am not going to burn as much fat as I would like?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Sounds like a good routine, much more than the standard cardio routine. If you stick with this and follow a proper diet (as we outline in the Fat Loss Fast Start Program), I think you will be able to lose the fat.

  11. Chris Dawes says:

    So what do you think about Wii Sports Active 2…

    seems to go along these lines : 20ish minute workout with some intense and some breaks…

    it also keeps me interested as the mix up the exercises, and some of them are sporting challenges..

    Love to know what you think of SA2

    • Dr. Steve says:

      SA2 is great ! It’s extremely important to find exercise activities that are fun and that you
      enjoy participating in. Keep up the hard work !

  12. RGh says:

    I have a question. What exactly are we supposed to do during those 16 minutes? Intense cardio for 45seconds and relax for a couple of minutes and keep on doing it until we reach 16 minutes?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Thanks for writing in !
      Yes, you are correct. Try :30 of intense cardiovascular exercise and :10-:15 rest, then repeat. Remember always listen to your body, it’s important to push yourself, but pace yourself
      as well. If and when this :30 on and :10 off becomes easy you can increase to :40 on and so on.
      I hope this helps !

  13. Dr. Steve says:

    Hi Milton !

    Thanks for writing in. Your exercise routine sounds very thorough. Yes, what you are doing is considered anaerobic. A couple recommendations I can make are to add in exercises which mimmick movements you make everyday. For example, knee bending , reaching overhead, pushing, twisting, bending . Adding these types of movements, will keep you strong and flexible to do the tasks that you have to complete during your day.
    Start by doing step ups using a step or stable stool about 10-12 inches high. Do 10 stepups consecutively on each leg to start. If it seems too easy, increase the number of times you step up in increments of 2 until it becomes challenging. For example, 10,12,14,16 etc. You can also use your ankle weights or hold weights in your hands. This will help to increase strength
    in the legs and buttocks, it will also help with balance and stability, as well as help to keep your heart rate up during your workout, so you burn more fat.
    Even though you feel that your legs are satisfactory, the legs and glutes are the biggest muscles on your body. Increasing your strength in these areas will help to speed your total
    Second, add in an overhead press to your shoulder routine, hold your weights in your hands and raise straight up overhead, like putting a box on a shelf.
    In order to lose fat around your mid section, you have to decrease your total body fat – all over your whole body. It’s important to remember you can increase strength in a certain area, but you can’t reduce fat in just one area.
    To lose fat the fastest you can incorporate RealDose, implement the changes we have described in our Fatloss Fast Start Program, get 20 minutes of moderate to intense cardiovascular exercise 3 times per week and continue the workout routine you are doing now.
    Third, I would recommend adding in some abdominal strengthening exercises such as using your resistance bands secured to a banister or door hinge at waist height. Hold the band in both hands with your arms extended straight in front of you a waist height. Twist to right 20 times trying to keep your hips from twisting. Repeat for the left.
    One thing to remember is you want to change your routine every 4-8 weeks. When a exercise becomes easy, your body had adapted to it and you need to change it, by adding more weight or doing more, however, always listen to your body.

    Here are examples of the exercises I described above:
    stepups – “>
    overhead press –

    Torso Twist –

    You can also find additional band exercises here :

    I hope this helps ! If you have any questions please let me know.

    • Jill says:

      Can I take Real Dose No1 if I have had a heart attack?

      • Dr. Steve says:

        We’ve taken great care to formulate RealDose Weight Loss Formula so it will not interfere with most medications, including those for the treatment of diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. However, if you have a medical condition or a concern about a potential interaction with RealDose Weight Loss Formula ingredients and the medications you are taking you should always consult with your physician before starting a new supplement.

  14. Virginia says:

    What age would be to young to have someone start this product? My daughter (she is 9, but is about the size of a 12 yr old) is dealing with a lot of stress internally as our little family is going through a few difficulties. I am trying to get her to talk about the things that are bothering her, but she internalizes everything. So, while we are on the road to her learning to verbalize issues is this product safe for her to take? She has no health issues. Thank you.


    • Dr. Steve says:

      The ingredients in RealDose Weight Loss Formula are absolutely safe, but the product was formulated for adults. Because of this, we do not recommend giving RealDose Weight Loss Formula to children under 18.

  15. John says:

    Will the Real Dose product still work if I’m not getting 7-8 hrs sleep at a time? I usually get 4-5 hrs twice a day with a few hours awake in between. Some days are only 4-5 hrs total…what can I expect?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      For most of us losing weight is never easy, so even though you may not be getting sufficient sleep, losing weight is still
      possible. RealDose Weight Loss Formula’s ingredients can help you lose weight – by reducing your appetite, boosting your mood and providing hormonal support. Additionally, our Fatloss Fast Start program can further help with your weight loss goals by advising you on healthy food and lifestyle choices, that you can incorporate into your current routine.

  16. susan says:

    Dr. Steve
    Any suggestions for me. I recently had surgery and can’t excercise and won’t be able to for probably another month at least……i’ve been away from excersise for a month now. I don’t want to gain weight but i notice I’m losing my muscle already. I’m 47 and have had a hysterectomy. I would like to at least maintain


    • Dr. Steve says:

      Make sure you are getting plenty of protein. As we age, women are able to store less protein than men. Protein is one of the essential macronutrients your body needs to maintain good health. Including healthy sources of protein can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic disease and may even improve menopausal symptoms. Protein is found in a number of foods, including meat, fish, eggs, milk and beans. Whole grains and vegetables also contain a small amount of protein.
      The more active you are the more muscle you will maintain, so make sure to start exercising as soon as you’re feeling better !

  17. Sharon says:

    I have been taking realdose for 3 weeks. When I tell you I have tried everything there is out there for belly fat, You better believe it. I am 59 yrs. old and my body went dormant at the age of 50 as far as burning calories. I used to be able to eat anything I wanted. I eat very healthy so this was not a hard program to start. I can’t eat everything because I don’t really get hungry since starting this. I have a lot more energy and I only do about 30 minutes on the airclimber each day. Since the first week of this I have seen inches melt off of my body in the places it needs to. I never thought I would see a flat stomach again but I am beginning to see it now. It is like realdose is taking off the fat exactly where it needs to come off, belly, thighs, underarms and buttocks. I have told everyone after they noticed it first and ask me what I was doing. THIS WILL BE THE LAST THING YOU WILL EVER TRY BECAUSE IT IS AWSOME!!! Thanks Dr. Steve. Also should I stay on this for a while after I have reached my goal because it will not be long before I am a size 6 again?

  18. Peggy Bruce says:

    Dr. Steve:
    My body is a mess! I’m 61 this year. I’ve had 12 surgeries on my stomach/left side area, let’s just say I don’t have any extra parts!! I also had a nerve surgically cut leaving my left side with not much feeling. I also have nerve damage at L5/S1 which leaves my legs with neuropathy (SP?). It is also where the nerves got to the colon leaving me with either constipation or bowel releases! Like I said, I’m a mess!! Because of all the surgeries, I have developed a couple of handfuls of fat that hangs below my waist. So, my question to you is, would this product work with little to no exercise? Also, there is nothing like alfalfa in this product, right? I am very allergic to alfalfa taken orally!!

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Peggy, Weightloss Formula No. 1 does not contain alfalfa and even if you have physical limitations, RealDose Weight Loss Formula’s ingredients can help you lose weight – by reducing your appetite, boosting your mood and providing hormonal support. Additionally, the “Fat Loss Fast Start Program” can further help with your weight loss goals by advising you on healthy food and lifestyle choices.

  19. Elise says:

    Just wondering what you thought about chia seeds for nutrition? I sprinkle 1 tsp. on my hot cereal in the mornings.


    • Dr. Steve says:

      Chia seeds are a great addition to your diet. Sprinkle chia on foods such as yogurt or salad, or add it to smoothies. It helps thicken smoothies in addition to providing nutrition.
      The omega-3 fatty acid content of chia seeds is even greater than that of flax seeds, making it a particularly good option for vegetarians and vegans who cannot get omega-3 from fish. The high antioxidant levels keep the seeds from going rancid, in addition to providing nutritional value. Chia is high in fiber, protein and minerals including iron, magnesium, zinc and copper.

  20. kokie says:

    Dear Dr

    can i get it in south africa?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      We do not have local distributors but we are able to ship to South Africa. You can place your order directly through our website at :

  21. Pebs says:

    Hi Doc!
    You mentioned that long walks are better than better than running. How long should long walks be? And should I stop running long distances and just do the intensity running instead?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Yes, running long distance can do more damage than good, studies have shown long walks are actually restorative and you can burn just as many calories walking. Long walks should be at least 20 minutes. I would recommend doing the high intensity training. If there is a magic way to work out, this is it. It’s adaptable to all levels, exceptionally useful for losing weight, boosting performance and gaining strength. And takes less time. The concept of HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training is simple. Switch back and forth between explosive bursts of increased intensity and active rest. Athletes have used it for years to improve endurance.

  22. Pebs says:

    Should the 20 minute walk be done everyday? Plus, how often should I do hiit? Should I eventually increase the number of minutes when I walk or do hiit?

  23. Cheryl says:

    Hi Dr. Steve,

    I watched your video about Real Dose and ordered some on March 8th. I tried to receive
    your Fast Start information, but I never got it. Can you send it to my email?
    I’m very excited to get on the program and get rid of this extra 25 pounds and belly fat.
    I recently started doing exercises (like push-ups) in slow motion, going to muscle failure
    to try to build up muscle and increase metabolism.

    Thanks for everything and looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for the feedback. I have forwarded you a copy of the Fatloss Fast Start Program. Make sure to get started on it right away and keep up the hard work !

  24. Leaha says:

    Hi Dr Steve, how long after ordering does the product arrive in Western Australia?
    also do you receive the additional information by email prior to product delivery?
    Thanks Leaha

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Leaha, it can take up to 30 days for packages to reach Australia due to strict customs inspections. You will continue to receive weekly emails and articles indefinitely for as long as you wish.

  25. Terence Jenkinson says:

    Hi Dr Steve,
    Can you tell me where I can get CHIA Seeds, I have never heard of them. I am currently living in the Philippines, but only for a few months more, and am going to order the Realdose as soon as I find out how much customs in this country will ht me up for it.. Thanks for the good advice.
    Terry J.

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Terence, thanks for your note. Chia seeds are available in many stores in the US, however you can also do a google search and find many online sources who deliver worldwide as well.

  26. niesha says:

    Hey doc the only problem I have while working out is my body itches real bad !! What should I do when it happens ??

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Neisha, exercising in certain environmental conditions might cause or exacerbate itching. People with allergies and other medical conditions have an increased risk of getting itchy during exercise. Fortunately, itching during exercise is both preventable and treatable with lifestyle changes and medical care.
      Avoiding triggers that cause itching, such as pollen and synthetic workout clothes, and taking an antihistamine before exercise might help prevent itching from occurring while working out. Apply a moisturizer to dry skin before exercising and cover areas that tend to get itchy with a bandage or clothing. Slow down or stop exercise when itching develops to prevent symptoms from worsening. Also exercise with a partner who can help seek medical care if needed.

  27. LJS says:


    Thanks for the report — I’m tempted by this, but I had a few questions about RealDose:

    1) You emphasized that RealDose is not a stimulant. However, betel leaves have been chewed for centuries throughout Southeast Asia for their stimulant properties. Despite that, are they actually not stimulants?

    2) As far as I can track down, chlorogenic acids and 5-caffeoylquinic acid are traditionally used as laxatives. Is it understood where their glycemic effects are coming from?

    3) Rhodiola’s mild antidepressant effects appear to arise from a compound that inhibits monoamine oxidase activity. Why not just use a well-characterized MAO inhibitor, rather than a chemical in a poorly defined extract?

    4) Safety/potential health risks are my biggest concern, and as you well know, there are so many so-called miracle remedies that come out (e.g. fen-fen) and a while later are determined to actually be harmful, whether to the heart, blood clotting, etc. How do do you know this is “safe” without any longitudinal data (or are there longitudinal data on this)?

    I think that what I’m basically hoping for is a list of the double-blind studies published in peer reviewed journals concerning the claims about all these compounds. Do you have that available? PubMed has not been a huge amount of help in that regard.

    Thanks much.

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi LJS – I can tell you want to be absolutely confident of everything which you put into your body, which I think is a great practice and many people should do the same. I hope my answers below best summarize your questions.
      1) Betel leaves do have many beneficial effects in the body which can awaken and energize someone, which is why it is extremely helpful to those losing weight. We don’t consider RealDose a stimulant because these effects do not cause a subsequent crash of energy nor do they cause other symptoms common in caffeine based supplements (rapid heart rate, anxiousness, insomnia).
      2) Green Coffee bean extract selectively inhibits glucose-6-phosphatase which prevents large rises in blood sugar post postprandial.
      3) Rhodiola has many effects including elevating mood including increasing ATP content of muscles and acting as an “adaptagen” for exercise ( You’re right that someone could just take an MAO inhibitor if they were depressed, however some of these drugs do have very bad mental and physical side effects.
      4) Unfortunately we don’t yet have research on these ingredients in longitudinal ways. I wish we could do such research, but the truth is conducting such research can take millions of dollars and decades of time. Yet we do have more than enough research to show that all of these herbs (which I have been used for centuries by many cultures) are safe to use in specified amounts.
      There are many products/miracle remedies that come out and are later determined to be harmful, then there are also lots of new exciting studies being done on herbs that we’re discovering hold solutions to many of our common health problems. I feel sorry for the average consumer, because it can be quite overwhelming. Thank you for writing in and sharing.

  28. Bridgitte says:

    Dr. Steve,

    Is Tybo considered Anaerobic?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Bridgitte,
      Thanks for writing in. I’m not very familiar with Tybo, however I would consider it aerobic training. Anaerobic workouts are also called “resistance training.” These workouts push your muscles to work against above-average resistance to strengthen the muscles. Weight lifting, calisthenics and yoga are examples of resistance workouts. Because anaerobic workouts target muscle growth, they are the best choice if your fitness goals center on strength, or muscle mass.

  29. mike g says:

    havent tried it yet ,
    do you have to eat with it always?

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Mike – You definitely do have to eat regularly while taking our product. This will help your weight loss dramatically. Thanks.

  30. . Linda McCarthy Ph.D says:

    Dear Dr. Steve:

    This is good information for people to understand, and your were concise in explaining it. I have been exercising
    for most of my life and running was my exercise of choice. I changed to progressive workouts, even in my running /weight training and have seen an amazing difference in my lean muscle mass and fat loss. I no longer
    have to work out for 90 min, I can knock it out with an exercise program developed for HIT training. Your program
    looks great, and thank you for making a difference.

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. HIT is great, especially for those of us who have limited time to exercise !

  31. Ann says:

    I am just curious how well your weight loss product works. How many pills/tablets must be taken per day? I already eat pretty healthy and clean, but will the occasional meal outside of home affect how this medicine works? I understand about the exercise you recommend and agree, however I hope to train for an endurance event (maybe if joints and allergies cooperate) so my exercise won’t quite be what you describe though similar. Will it still work? Finally, I have put on 15lbs from my last round of prednisone and I am wondering if your product will take that weight off or work under that condition. You don’t happen to know of any alternatives to predinisone do you – I hate it and try to avoid it but I wind up on it frequently for sinus issues as well as knee problems. I take it roughly 4x per year and each time I gain weight but manage to drop it within 3-6 months. Something seems to have gone haywire this time as my weight continues to slowly creep up and I suspect I am carrying a lot of water weight as I have felt very “swollen” for past month. Thanks!

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Ann – Thanks for writing in. I’m sorry about your weight gain issues related to Prednisone! I agree, that is a medication with some serious, unwanted side effects. Unfortunately, most that take that medication are required to for medical reasons. Any decision to take or not take this medication should be a decision made with your doctor first and foremost. Our Weight Lost Formula No.1 product is designed to Increases Fat Burning, Curbs Appetite, Relieves Stress and Boosts Mood and More Than Doubles the Weight Loss Vs. Dieting Only.
      For more information on the product, including how it’s used you can check out
      Also, this product is designed to work with any eating and exercise plan. That’s a great decision to train for an endurance event! Let us know if you have any further questions! Thanks for writing in!

  32. J. Mac says:

    Dear Dr. Steve ~

    I try to be as informed and as confident as possible about things that I put into my body. Though having lived for a long time under a lot of stress (which is decreasing, slowly-my husband just passed away from cancer) I am not & never have been a stress eater. My big rule on eating is that I eat when I am hungry. I also am a fairly “healthy” eater.

    Everything I have read about “RealDose” so far sounds good and I am particularly encouraged by your writing; “”even if you have physical limitations, RealDose Weight Loss Formula’s ingredients can help you lose weight –by reducing your appetite, boosting your mood and providing hormonal support.” I also really appreciate your statement that: “We’ve taken great care to formulate RealDose Weight Loss Formula so it will not interfere with most medications, including those for the treatment of diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.”

    Because I am me & have some specific issues, I still have 2 questions about RealDose.
    My info: I am, despite my weight, a young looking 62, or so I’m often told. I am 5’8″ and about 65 lbs. overweight (224lbs. & I look like a blimp). I have fibromyalgia which can make much exercise difficult. I am not diabetic, I am only barely borderline blood pressure (& it is totally controled by Norvasc). I do have somewhat elevated cholesterol, but I do not take any statins. I also take porcine thyroid as I am hypothyroid. With the Fibromyalgia, & being 65 lbs overweight & my thyroid issues (ok & losing my husband) my energy level is poor. I can run around & do stuff for a couple of days, but then I must take several days of serious “down”-stay-at-home-doing-not-much-time.” I am very hopeful that OVER TIME (no magic pill here) losing serious weight will help me increase my exercising (& my energy), reduce my cholesterol & further lower my bp. Sounds to me (& also to my healthcare practitioner) like “RealDose” (along with your “Fat Loss Fast Start Program”) would really be very helpful for me.

    However I (we) still have these 2 questions about RealDose, so hear goes:

    1) Any conflict with thyroid meds?
    2) I have read that chlorogenic acids and 5-caffeoylquinic acid have often been used as laxatives. As I also have a stress (& heat) induced diarrhea dominant Irritable Bowel, would this be an issue? (or if needed can it be counteracted by diet-like rice or some other food-or some supplement or med–or something?)

    I eagerly look forward to hearing from you, hopefully soon, on these 2 questions.
    AND I look forward to hopefully thereafter being able to get started with “RealDose” & the “Fat Loss Program”

    Many thanks for your time,

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi J – Thank you for sharing your story with us.
      To answer some of your questions and concerns, I do also believe that losing weight will dramatically help your daily energy and very possibly your fibromyalgia.
      Unfortunately, because I am not your personal doctor I could not comment on whether or not your thyroid medication may interact with RealDose. Though our product is formulated to not interact with other medications, this question is best for your personal physician who is familiar with your personal healthy history.
      Our green coffee bean extract typically does not result in altered digestion for our customers. However, if you do experience any diarrhea or unwanted effects, you can try taking RealDose with a source of soluble fiber like nuts, seeds, fruits or vegetables.
      I hope that helps! Good luck!

  33. J. Mac says:

    Dear Dr. Steve,

    Thank you for your very quick response. I really appreciate it.

    Just for you to know:
    It actually was my physician who suggested I ask you about “RealDose” interacting with porcine thyroid.

    I included what was suggested to me by my physician to inform you about, which is pretty much all there is of my personal health history. Anything not said (bloodwork, etc.) was normal.
    Except for the specific things I delineated to you, I’m pretty healthy.

    My physician has stated that “RealDose,” from what can be read about it, looks like there would not be any interaction, however advised strongly that, since it is your formulation & you are the person most familiar with “RealDose”, I should double-check with you on your opinion as to interaction with porcine (Armour) thyroid.

    Again, many thanks for your speed on getting back to me & your helpful information.
    Also, thank you for your encouragement.

    So, as my physician suggested I double-check with you since you know your formulation, am I correct in assuming that you also do not foresee an interaction?

    Hope to hear back from you again…..very soon on this, so I can get to ordering “RealDose” & starting down the road to weight loss & subsequent improved health.

    Gratefully & most sincerely,


  34. Jack says:

    Cardio is no myth. I have lost 80 pounds and toned my body in the past year With diet and cardio. 45 minutes per day walking on a treadmill at under 3mph at an incline of 10 to 12 is what did it. And it is something that anyone with two legs can do. Those recommending against cardio always have something else to sell!

  35. Dave says:

    In addition to cardio I have been doing strength building on Precor machines e.g. Back Extension, Rear Delt/ Pec Fly, Abdominal, Bicep Curl . I’m doing 150 reps spread out over 10 machines with weight ranges from 40 to 85 pounds. It takes about 30 minutes to complete.
    When should I be doing this before or after cardio. Do you have other suggestions for strength building.

    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Dave – Great questions! First of all, good job on incorporating this into your daily routine! Doing so will aid your weight loss and support your metabolism for the long run. Most find better results when doing resistance training before their cardio.
      As a general minimum standard, try to aim for at least 2 resistance exercise sessions of week consisting of 6-8 sets of 8-20 repetitions which bring soreness the day after. Mild soreness is your sign that your efforts are sufficient enough to cause an adaptation. However, if you are not becoming sore after resistance training your most likely not getting much results.

  36. Jay says:

    I have been doing intense cardio on an elliptical trainer (33 minutes, 160+ average rpm, max heart rate = mid 150s). I am 59 and need to loose about 20 pounds. I also do resistance training several times a week and mix up the specific exercises and regularly and reasonably increase the resistance. I hike often (5-13 miles, 2500-4800 feet elevation gain, summit elevation 8000-14000 ft, 3-9 hours round trip time). I eat a reasonably good diet, trying to reduce carbs (except on long hikes), high protein, no processed foods, etc. I do not sleep well at all. I have been unable to lose weight and, in fact, am gaining weight.

    Several questions: are you saying that walking for say 40 minutes, maybe even 90 minutes will work better than the 33 minute cardio work? What else would you recommend?


    • Dr. Steve says:

      Hi Jay – Thank you for your comment. This post was about interval training and how beneficial that can be for weight loss and changing your body. However, other forms of cardio (such as high intensity) are beneficial too, they just may not have the same effects. The only difference between your exercises I would point out is that your 33 minutes of intense cardio most likely burns more calories than your 40 minutes of walking.
      If you have been doing this routine of exercise for a significant period of time with the other changes you are describing, it may be worth it to ask your doctor about getting your thyroid and testosterone hormone levels checked. In most cases, someone who is doing this much activity can expect to be trending towards a healthy weight, though everyone is slightly different and may have different “normal” weights being a heavier set or thinner person.

  37. Hi Dr. Steve,
    I’m studing your weight loss product. It all makes sense to me about the hormones causing all the weight gain. I wanted to ask you about thyroid and adrenal problems. Will your product help, if the thyroid is causing some of the weight problem and along with a hypoadrenal problem thats causing fatgue? I did realize that I do have the sugar imbalance and crave sweets like your website says that comes with these hormones. It’s very educational all your research. Thank you for all the imformation offered to help with the weight problems that many people face today.

    • Hi Sherian,

      Thank you for taking a moment and posting to our website. Weight loss isn’t easy, but the good news is that even with a thyroid and adrenal conditions you can be successful and see real weight loss results. We formulated RealDose to be safe, non-addictive, and without side effects. We are not aware of any potential food or supplement interactions. We have taken great care to formulate RealDose Weight Loss Formula so it will not interfere with most medications, including those for the treatment of diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, and high blood pressure. However, if you have a medical condition or a concern about a potential interaction with RealDose Weight Loss Formula ingredients and the medications you are taking you should always consult with your physician. If you have any other concerns about side effects, interactions or safety or RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1, please let us know.

  38. Willoh says:

    I am very intrigued by this product however am a bit reluctant to order.
    My concern is after gain desired weight do you have to continue
    The supplement to prevent regaining weight? I’ve read a ton of your
    Comments and blogs and this is not addressed? Thank you


    • Hi Willoh,

      Thank you for posting your question to our website. To answer your question, RealDose Weight Loss Formula is natural, stimulant-free and completely safe for everyday use. You may confidently take RealDose Weight Loss Formula as long as needed to help you achieve AND maintain your ideal weight. In other words, you could take this for your lifetime if you choose to, but if you follow the right diet and lifestyle choices, over time you may have less need for the supplement to maintain your weight goals. Just so you know, with your purchase of RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 you will get our Fat Loss Fast Start Program which goes into great detail on leading edge information on diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques that will help you stay fit, trim and healthy for a lifetime. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      • Willoh says:

        So you won’t regain the weight if you reach goal weight
        And you continue with regime. Sadly I hve done hcg injections
        The weight comes back as soon as you go back to regular
        Eating even if balanced and healthy :(


        • Hi Willoh,

          Thanks for posting to the website.We also know how easy it is to regain lost weight by resuming old bad habits. So we believe if we can help you adopt the proper eating, exercise and lifestyle habits, that in the long run, supplementation may not be required. This is why we include information about these topics in our Fat Loss Fast Start Program that comes free with every order, and in our follow up email communications. For long term results, we feel it’s crucial to implement the changes we have described in our Fat Loss Fast Start program, and you should always be committed to making changes for a lifetime. The HCG diet dates back to the 1950’s, and the diet involves daily injections of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG). In addition, it recommends an extremely restrictive daily caloric intake of 500 calories a day, is required. Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy to help nourish the uterus. The original injection form of HCG is used as part of fertility treatment for women. Weight loss was an alleged side effect of the drug hence began the prescriptions for the off-label use as with other drugs. The potential side effects of HCG include: depression, headaches, breast tenderness, and blood clots. A recent report stated that a patient using HCG for diet purposes suffered a pulmonary embolism which is a life-threatening condition. Please read the FDA warning:

  39. Hi Dr. Steve,

    I liked your comment about long cardio vs short cardio bursts. I try and do a mix of both whenever I go to the
    fitness center for a workout. I warm up with about a ten to fifteen minute run on the cross-trainer pushing myself as far as the machine’s levels allow. Then I do my workout for strength and flexibility. At the end of the workout I get back on the cross trainer and move for about twenty or thirty minutes.

    Today I couldn’t go to the center because we had an ice storm last night. Everything was coated in ice. I spent most of the morning beating on the ice ans sweeping it away. I an hour and a half of fairly strenuos activity I was able to clear about 55 square meters of ice from the walkways and steps. I also cleared the path in front of my step-son’s place. I didn’t use any salt to melt the ice, so the mass was a bit difficult to clear away. It’s raining again, so I’ll have to wait until this is over so I can clear the paths again.

    I’m not a super athlete or anything like that. Just an average 64 year-old overweight and out of shape person :O)

    Thanks for the informative articles. Have a great 2013.


    • Hi William,

      Thank you so much for taking a moment and posting your thoughts to our website. It sounds like you are a very physically active 64 year old and I must tell you that is always nice to hear. Good for you! You don’t have to be a super athlete to be physically healthy. Keep up the hard work and keep me posted on your weight loss progress.

  40. Lennymo says:

    I wish I would have read this months ago. I started walking back in Sept 2012, I was 250 lbs. I slowly worked my way up to a waljk/run routine of about 4 miles. By Jan 2013 I had lost 30 lbs I weighed 218 this morning). However during the 45 minute to 1hr 15 minute walk/run routine, I damaged a tendon in my knee which has been a real set back. I now do chair aerobics because I’m still limping around on a cane. I will definitely take your advice and go for the shorter more intense routines and leave those 45 minute to 1hr 15 minute walk/runs alone. That stress definitely messed my knee up. Thanks for this article, I had never heard of this concept until now. I will definitely try it even doing my chair aerobics, I get a fairly good work out, but I’ll be glad to be on my feet again so I can get outside in the fresh air. I love exercising out doors. Thanks!

  41. Laurie says:

    Hi. I just turned 44 and am not a happy camper. I have never been one to watch the number on the scale. Everytime I have seen weight gain, I just upped my excercise and have had never had a problem losing it. I feel that easy weight loss and staying in shape has taken a permanent vacation. I am gonna guess that hormonally I am on the cusp of beginning the dreaded Menopause. (Ugh, that makes me feel so old!!) Anyway, I have seen a signifigant change in where I gain and the fact that it is not leaving – no matter what. Your program is based on hormonal increases/deficiencies, etc. What about the hormones from menopause — will this program help even though weight gain is being brought on by body changes associated with menopause? This is a nightmare for me — I have been able to maintain a decent activity/excercise and eat pretty well — and never had a problem. I really hate this. Your thoughts?

    • Hello Laurie,

      Thank you for posting your story to our website. First, I would like to say I am sorry about your recent weight gain due to hormonal increases/deficiencies. Dolichos Biflorus Seed Extract and Betel Leaf Extract – Combined, these two ingredients raise the hormone (Adiponectin) responsible for burning fat for energy, lower the hormone responsible for cravings and overeating (Ghrelin) and help prevent carbohydrates from turning into fat.
      Siberian Rhodiola Rosea helps to lower the belly fat hormone (Cortisol). This ingredient also lowers your stress and anxiety levels.
      Decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean Extract contains chlorogenic acids, a powerful weight loss substance. It helps to force your body to burn fat instead of sugar.
      Pepper (Piper Nigrum) Piperine’s main mechanism of action is by increasing absorbability and duration of action of the other ingredients. It also works by thermogenesis.
      Other ingredients: cellulose (vegetable capsule), magnesium stearate (derived from vegetable sources).

      The hormones estrogen, progestorone and testosterone are reproductive hormones. These are the hormones effected by menopause. There are many hormones in your body like insulin, thyroid hormones, growth hormone, epinephrine, etc. RealDose WLF1 contains all natural botanical ingredients, it does not contain hormones. We formulated RealDose to be safe, non-addictive, and without side effects. We are not aware of any potential food or supplement interactions.

  42. maryam says:

    Hi Dr. Steve,
    Thanks so much for all your helpful and informative comments because I ‘ve never read and heard about them so far.But I don’t know exactly which exercises are long cardio and which ones are short cardio? which ones are intense exercises or intense activities? Of course you’ve told some of them but for me this isn’t enough. Please name and liste all long cardio vs short cardio as well as intense exercises. For example I like judo and weight training.But I DON’T KNOW which one is long cardio? and which one is intense activities? I’d like intense exercises that use both systems to build much lean and muscles as you ‘ve told. BUT which choice is better for beginner like me? Please guid me.

    • Hello Maryam,

      Thank you for posting your question to our website. Ultimately, you want to find some type of “extra movement” that is FUN and you ENJOY and do it every day. Extra movement doesn’t include things you would normally do in a day, (like house work) Your metabolism adjusts to your normal everyday tasks so you have to go above and beyond those.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dr. Sisskind, I started Real Dose just few days ago
    and am getting excited for the result.I will keep you posted.

  44. Bonnie says:

    Hi Dr. Sisskind,
    I’ve tried almost every diet and supplement for losing belly fat/weight and the belly fat continues to grow. Because of this, I’m skeptical to spend money for a 3 month (or more) supply of any product.
    If I try this product for a month, should I see results during this time or does it take a few months to see results.
    I realize everyone is different but there must be “on average” results.

    • Hello Bonnie,

      Thank you for posting to our website. Our formula is made with all natural botanical non-GMO ingredients that are vegan and certified Kosher. It contains NO gluten, dairy, eggs, or soy. It is also decaffeinated and does not contain other stimulants. If you’re not happy with your results, simply notify us up to one full year after purchase by calling (800)928-5580 (Outside U.S. +1-307-222-6725 ) or visiting and we’ll make arrangements for you to receive a 100% refund (less shipping, if applicable). No questions asked. No unusual hoops to jump through. Studies on ingredients shows that in two groups of people following identical diets, the study group experienced double the weight loss results compared to the placebo group. Contains Link to access studies. Research on Weightloss Formula No. 1 ingredients shows that in two groups of people following identical diets, the study group experienced double the weight loss results compared to the placebo group.

      If you’d like to read more about the research studies on WLF1 please visit our website at:

      and click on the “Research” tab.

  45. Benita says:

    Dear Dr Sisskind

    I struggle with breakfast, big time, and have given up on this meal because I think it makes me fat! Firstly, it seems that I am continuously hungry when I eat breakfast, and eat all day. Secondly, I don’t know what constitutes a healthy breakfast, and how much of it is a portion. I don’t eat cereal in any form ever (too much unhealthey stuff added) and I don’t have fruit juice that is not freshly squeezed. I am really worried that I will put on more weight if I add an extra meal a day! A while back I tried half a cup of oats, with typically about 3 or 4 dried apricots (or half an apple, or some blueberries or fruit of some description) plus a few (13 – 15 to be exact!) hazel nuts, almonds, and/or walnuts. Problem is, my day starts really early and in order to continue this, I have to get up at 5.00 am to cook this and eat it! Then comes 10.30 and I am really hungry again – too early for lunch! I’m 51 years old, 74 kg and 167 cm tall. I work full time, so in order to eat really healthily, I have to be very organized and plan carefully. I will be eternally grateful if you could help.

    Kind regards

    • Hello Benita,

      I understand your frustration of knowing that you need to eat something for breakfast, but being constrained by time and circumstance. Trying to come up a breakfast that will be satisfying, yet not make you even more hungry is a common problem for many. So you are not alone in your dilemma.

      I have a couple of suggestions that might just work for you. Given what you said you have eaten in the past, it is possible that you need to add a protein to your breakfast. I know that nuts do have protein, but they may not have had enough to “carry” you through until lunchtime.

      A super quick breakfast could be, a 6-ounce serving of low-fat cottage cheese topped with 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries, 1 ounce of walnuts, and 1 tablespoon of chia seeds or ground flaxseeds. No cooking required and its easy to eat.

      If you have just a little more time you could experiment by having a hard-boiled egg in addition to the oatmeal, fruit and nuts that you had tried previously. The addition of the egg may be just enough protein to keep the hunger away until lunch (or at least until a healthy mid-morning snack).

      You could also, make a smoothie using protein powder, berries, low-fat milk (or milk alternative like almond or hazelnut milk), ground flax. Have that with a slice of whole grain toast for a super quick breakfast. It is an easy take-it-on-the-road meal that you can have on your way into work.

      I hope these help. Make it a healthy day.

  46. Pat says:

    Hi Dr. Steven

    I have been following the Sprint 8 method that I saw on Dr. Mercola site, with 8 intervals of 30sec run on treadmill followed by 90sec cool down, 2-3x per week. But I also jog 5 miles 4-5x per week–I love jogging. I have lost 70 lbs but it’s the last 10 that I am having trouble with. Ordered your RealDose. Just waiting to get it. Any suggestions for the last 10lbs, mainly around my gut. Should I reduce or cut out the jogging and stitck to the peak interval exercise and some weight training?

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