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Are You "Too Busy" To Lose Weight?

Discover the Tool Busy People Use to Lose Fat,
Build Lean Muscle and Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Have you ever been pressed for time in the morning?

Or been in such a hurry that preparing a healthy meal was simply out of the question?

Have you had late night cravings with nothing "healthy" close by that could satisfy you?

If you’re like me (with four young children and a demanding career) I bet your answer is "Yes, just about every day!"

We find it easy to skip meals altogether, grab a high carbohydrate treat at the coffee shop or settle for a bowl of high carb cereal (a sure way to pack on the pounds).

Even worse are those foods that claim to make us healthier… but in reality do the opposite.

At the health food store recently, I started to read the labels on a variety of food bars, shakes, and cereals – all claiming to be "healthy".

What I found was disturbing. These products contained enormous amounts of either sugars or artificial sweeteners. This is a no-win situation because both can cause unwanted weight gain.

This was especially disturbing because I knew there was a better way… so I talked with my team and we decided to do something about it.


Too Busy For A Healthy Meal?
You are not alone. A recent survey1 of 2,000 people revealed that one in three adults are too busy to eat breakfast and another 30% said they eat food during their commute. Researchers also found that 70% of families never sit down together to eat breakfast.

The Result Of Our Efforts Is
RealMeal GF, A Solution That:

  • Takes less than a minute to prepare.
  • Is portable.
  • Contains over one-third of your daily protein requirement.
  • Has only 4 grams of "net" carbs.
  • Contains only 140 nutrient-dense calories.
  • Naturally suppresses your appetite without stimulants.
  • Helps control blood lipids and blood glucose levels.
  • Helps aid in liver detoxification so you can process fat more efficiently.
  • Is all natural and contains no gluten, growth hormones (rBST or rBGH), antibiotics or pesticides.
  • Tastes Delicious!

RealMeal GF provides a complete meal in only 140 nutrient-dense calories and is available in both natural chocolate and vanilla flavors.

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Supplement Facts

Jane no longer feels the need to snack before dinner.
“I am actually enjoying RealMeal GF. I have always avoided those power drinks that so many athletes drink, because I was afraid they’d bulk me up or I wouldn’t like them. I decided not to try RealMeal GF with water because I wanted to make sure I liked it so I wouldn’t quit using it. Therefore, I mixed it with skim/fat-free milk, one small yogurt, fruit (strawberries, blueberries, bananas, peaches, or a combination of a couple at a time.) Yum! The result was a cool, frothy, almost milkshake drink that filled me up. I currently have one for lunch after my workouts but would consider having it for breakfast instead. I don’t feel a need to snack before dinner. The vanilla flavor is delicious!”

Posted on the RealDose Facebook page

Jane Blaho - a Happy RealDose Customer

A Delicious, Doctor Approved, All-natural, Low Carb Meal Supplement Made With Grass-Fed Whey Protein And Designed Specifically For "Busy People" Like You

Grass Fed

Why Grass-Fed Whey?

Our grass-fed cows only graze on natural grasses, legumes, and herbs that grow naturally in Australian pastures. They live a natural "cow’s life" and their milk delivers the purest whey on the planet.

In order to preserve its natural benefits, our whey is non-denatured, never exposed to high temperatures when processed, thus retaining its full biological activity.

• No Growth Hormones (rBST or rBGH):

Most whey is derived from cows pumped up with dangerous growth hormones, so they produce more milk. The result is an increase in IGF-1 levels which can lead to increased breast cancer risk.11

• Antibiotic Free

Because grains are not a cow’s native food source, grain-fed cows suffer from constant infections and are treated with massive amounts of antibiotics. The grass-fed cows we derive our whey from are never treated with antibiotics.

• Anti Viral and Immune Boosting Properties

Non-denatured whey derived from grass-fed cows contains high levels of lactoferrin and immunoglobulins. Together these proteins exhibit anti-viral properties5 and help to fight infections6. In addition, a recent study demonstrated that lactoferrin helps to modulate immune system activity.10

• Liver Detoxification

Glutathione is a strong liver detoxifier, allowing for maximum fat metabolism. Non-denatured grass-fed whey contains delicate precursors that allow your body to maximize glutathione production.

• Cruelty Free

The milking cows that produce our whey graze all year on lush Australian pastures.

This is rare if not unheard of in the United States or other parts of the world, where milking cows experience inhumane living conditions.

Whey from grass-fed cows is difficult to acquire and costly, but we would not feel right using any other form.

RealMeal GF is a powdered meal supplement that delivers the optimal intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in just 140 fat melting calories.

And the best part about this formula is that is tastes great and will keep you full for hours…

The power of RealMeal GF is derived from a belief that an effective formula relies on superior ingredients. So explore each ingredient below and discover how together they form the most effective fat burning meal supplement that exists today.

Non-Denatured Grass-Fed Whey Protein – The Foundational Ingredient Behind RealMeal GF

The key ingredient in RealMeal GF is a non-denatured form of whey protein derived from grass-fed Australian cows. As you can see in the table to your right, whey from non-denatured grass-fed sources is the most effective and available form, and is designed for people who only want the best.

Reduces Appetite
and Insulin Response

A 2010 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition2 demonstrated that whey protein causes a significant reduction in appetite.

This is important because reducing hunger and cravings is essential to any effective weight loss effort.

The same study demonstrated that when subjects ate a high carbohydrate meal after consuming whey protein, their post meal levels of both glucose and insulin were lowered.

Now this doesn’t mean you can eat whey protein and scarf down pizza, beer and ice cream… and still expect to lose weight. But whey can help reduce the fat accumulation caused by consuming too many carbohydrates.

Supports Liver Detoxification and Stress Reduction

Whey protein has also been shown to increase inter-cellular glutathione levels3. This is important because low glutathione levels make it difficult for the liver to eliminate dangerous toxins.

The high levels of covalent-bonded cysteine found only in non- denatured whey are critical for increasing glutathione production.

Additionally, whey protein has been shown to be a powerful stress reducer. In a recent study4, subjects undergoing stress experienced a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol after taking whey protein.

This is very important because excess cortisol is one of the three hormones I often talk about that causes excess fat to accumulate in the stomach area.

Inulin – the Super Fiber that Keeps You Full Longer

The next ingredient we included in RealMeal GF is called inulin, a prebiotic soluble fiber that helps feed good bacteria. Inulin slows down the absorption of sugar in your digestive track, thus helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Inulin also helps to control cholesterol levels.

What we really like about inulin is its naturally sweet taste and ability to help you feel full longer.

Ultimate Digestive Enzymes – The Key to Maximum Nutritional Absorption

We also included a full-spectrum enzyme blend that contains lactase and proteases. This blend aids in the digestion of the small amount of lactose present in our whey, thus making RealMeal GF a possible option for people who are lactose intolerant (please consult with your Doctor).

These enzymes also help break down and assimilate the whey protein more efficiently… allowing you to experience the full benefits of the formula.

Chocolate & Vanilla

Powerful B-Vitamin Complex with Folate – For Maximum Energy Levels

A deficiency in folate (naturally found in leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, and eggs) is associated with depression, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. This is why we included NatureFolate, a form of folate that is immediately active and bioavailable.

We also added proper amounts of vitamin B-12, B-5, B-6, B-2, B-3 and B-1 – a complex that assists your body in metabolizing fat and protein to help you derive maximum energy from the foods you eat.

Creatine and Phosphatidylcholine – For Strength, Endurance and Clarity

Long term creatine use has been shown to increase both strength and endurance in athletes7, while phospatidylcholine has shown positive effects on brain health (low levels can have a negative effect on your memory)8.

To complete RealMeal GF, we added both creatine and phospatidylcholine to help you experience more strength, endurance and mental clarity throughout the day.

The Result Is RealMeal GF, a Complete Fat Burning Meal Supplement with an Amazingly Low 140 Calories…. that Helps Keep You Full for Hours. It Is the Busy Person’s Weight Loss Advantage…

Marsha likes how the low number of calories in a serving of RealMeal GF™ make it a great meal replacement.
“I’ve used the RealMeal as a meal replacement with coconut milk or almond milk and add fruit and veggies. I like mixing it with water as long as I have some fruit mixed in for sweetness. I sprinkled it on my yogurt, not a full scoop, but it gives the plain yogurt that nice vanilla flavor. I am thinking of lots of ways to use RealMeal to get more protein daily. Maybe an oatmeal smoothie or mixed with almond or coconut milk then poured over cereal., I like crunchy stuff. The calorie count makes it a great meal replacement.

Marsha Holland - a Happy RealDose Customer

And You Can Experience The Ultimate Weight Loss Meal Supplement For Less Than A Coffee And Oatmeal At Starbucks

Vanilla & Chocolate
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By providing the highest quality protein and essential nutrients in only 140 calories, RealMeal GF is the ultimate way to start your day if you want to stoke your fat burning furnace… and it won’t break your bank account.

At anywhere from $2.56 to $3.20 a serving (depending on the volume you purchase) it costs less than a cup of regular coffee and a bowl of oatmeal at Starbucks ($4.45).

And If you want a coffee and any breakfast item at Dunkin’ Donuts it will cost you well over $3.50…

In fact, trying to find a healthy meal for under $5.00 is difficult. Plus, it would not come close to the weight loss and nutrient benefit of Real Meal GF.

You might still think our formula is expensive and you are correct that there are less expensive options out there.

But in our experience you get what you pay for, and when we evaluated alternative ingredients that could have allowed us to lower our prices … we found this would compromise the weight loss and health benefits we wanted to deliver.

So if you are looking for a bargain purely on cost, you are probably in the wrong place. But if you are looking for the absolute best meal supplement on the market at a fair price (our margins are very low due to our ingredient costs)…

You have come to right place.


Unconditional 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

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RealMeal GF Is A Delicious, Low Carb Meal Supplement That Is Easy To Prepare

RealMeal GF whips up in less than a minute and tastes delicious. You can even try adding your own favorite fruits for a customized flavor.

Which will you create?

How to Make RealMeal GF

You can prepare RealMeal GF in under 60 seconds by simply putting eight ounces of water into a blender, adding one scoop of powder and 3 ice cubes, and then blending for 30 seconds.

You end up with a delicious and creamy drink without any strange protein taste. (I prefer chocolate, but the rest of my family likes vanilla.)

When to Take RealMeal GF

I generally recommend taking RealMeal GF at breakfast, but you can use it at other meals too (up to twice a day).

You can also use RealMeal GF when you get a sweet tooth (usually later in the evening). Because of its low glycemic index you can consume RealMeal GF even late at night guilt- free.

And because of its sweet flavor, it eliminates your sugar cravings, which for me is a really big deal.

For Steve, RealMeal GF™ takes the edge off of wanting food.
“The RealMeal has been an add on. I mix with water and ice cubes and turn it into a smoothie, as a snack. Works for me, by taking the edge off the wanting of food.

Steve Votolato - a Happy RealDose Customer

Dr. Sisskind & his Family

Every product we offer must first become RealDose "Certified" by undergoing a rigorous development and manufacturing process.

Scientific review of human studies to select "The Right Ingredient at the Real Dose."

Physician review of every ingredient.

Sourcing of each ingredient from approved growers and suppliers.

Third party testing to confirm the identity, purity and potency of each ingredient.

Manufactured in the USA in our FDA inspected facilities that strictly comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

As an extra standard of excellence, all our products must pass the "Mom Test." If we wouldn’t offer it to our Moms, we won’t offer it to you.

Steven Sisskind, M.D. - Chief Medical Officer

Steven Sisskind, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Who Am I And What Is RealDose Nutrition
All About?

If you aren’t one of our customers, you might be interested to know a little more about us.

I helped create RealDose Nutrition to provide people with nutritional supplements that were backed by science… and supported by a caring group of health professionals who use our products every day.

We now have over 100,000 customers who not only receive the best ingredients that science has to offer, but who receive support from a team that includes dieticians, personal trainers, nutritionists, and of course myself.

I am a medical doctor and graduate of The Baylor College of Medicine. My passion is helping people live healthy, energetic lives through proper diet, lifestyle and supplementation. And I am with you all the way.

I am also a father of four children under the age of eight, and my wife is also a health practitioner… so I understand just how hard it is to live a healthy life while burning the candle at both ends.

RealDose is one of, if not the only supplement company I know, that provides a full one-year guarantee on all of its products… opened or unopened.

We also provide health coaching, meal planning, exercise advice, and even recipes to all of our customers.

I truly believe we have raised the bar for how supplement companies create products and treat their customers.

Try RealMeal GF Completely Risk Free

As with all of our products, we stand by RealMeal GF with a ONE-YEAR 100% "no questions asked" money back guarantee. If you don’t experience what I have been talking about in this letter, then simply send the product(s) back for a complete refund. There is no time pressure because you have a full year to try it out.

The reason for our guarantee is pretty simple. If you don’t get results, you shouldn’t have to pay for something that is not helping you.

When Will You Let Go of the "I’m Too Busy" Excuse?

I do understand the morning rush and how eating for health and weight loss can be difficult in today’s busy times. But now with RealMeal GF you really have no excuse. It costs less than eating breakfast out, has the ideal ingredients for burning fat, and is fast, tasty and convenient.

The big question now is whether you are really ready to get serious and do everything in your power to drop those unwanted pounds.

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Unconditional 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

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