Weight Loss Formula No. 1

Weight Loss Formula No. 1 helps people lose weight when nothing has worked before. Delivered at the real dose used in clinical studies, this formula contains two separate ingredients both proven to double your weight loss results.

  • Increases Fat Burning*
  • Curbs Appetite*
  • Relieves Stress and Boosts Mood*
  • Contains 2 Ingredients Each Clinically Proven to More
    That Double Weight Loss vs. Diet And Exercise Alone
    (see clinical research)
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90 VegiCaps, 30-day Supply
1 capsule, three times per day before meals
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Real People, Real Results

*Disclaimer: Results are not typical. The results observed are not associated with the effects of Weight Loss Formula No. 1 alone. You will only get results with this product if you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise program. Results may vary from individual to individual. This statement has not been evaluated by any government organization.

Lisa E. Rivera I have been taking Weight Loss Formula No. 1 for only 11 days but already feel so much better. I've lost weight and have more energy than I thought possible. My appetite is greatly reduced, resulting in my eating far less than normal.

Each morning when I put my clothes on they feel a little looser. It was just the opposite a month ago; every morning they seemed to be getting tighter. My self confidence is improving with each pound I lose as well. It's a wonderful product.

My husband is thrilled to see me losing weight... he too was skeptical at first but now we are both totally sold on Weight Loss Formula No. 1. I've already ordered another 30 day supply.

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Jane Blaho I've lost a significant amount of weight and inches so far, and feel so good about myself now when I look in the mirror in my size 4 skinny jeans, or when someone compliments me on my weight loss! It's fun having my husband flirting with me after almost 29 years of marriage.

February 4 at 1:35pm Like

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Jacquelyn Layne-Scheef There is no edgy or wired feeling and the pudgy midriff, where I needed to lose, is gone.

Tying my shoes is easier, playing with my kids is fun and fitting into cute clothes is all because of RealDose.

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Martha Gerling Schroder As a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I know how to lose weight, but lately it wasn't working. RealDose made the difference and now I'm down two dress sizes!

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*Disclaimer: Results are not typical. Expected results are based on separate double-blind, placebo-controlled human studies on the 2 primary ingredients in RealDose™ Weight Loss Formula No. 1. In 1 study, those taking one ingredient daily for 8 weeks as part of a low-calorie diet and moderate exercise program lost 2.4 times as much weight than those taking a placebo pill (1.2 pounds vs. 0.5 pounds per week, on average). In another study, those taking the second ingredient daily for 60 days as part of a low-calorie diet program lost over twice as much as those taking a placebo pill (1.3 pounds vs. 0.6 pounds per week, on average).