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Steady-State Cardio vs. High-Intensity Intervals… Which is Better?

Steady Cardio exercise are great for beginners.

A question that comes up over and over from our customers is: Which is better for overall fat burning, steady state cardio or high intensity interval training (or HIIT)?

I decided in order to get the best answer to this question, I’d ask nationally-recognized fitness expert, Leslie Sansone. For 25 years, Leslie has been teaching folks of all ages how to get fit, stay fit and feel better about life with her Walk at Home program. Here’s my conversation with her:

Dr.Read More…

Your Favorite Meal Made Over

Today I want to introduce you to Lori Grisham, one of our Healthy Life Coaches. Lori is going to show you a substitution trick that has helped one of our customers and his wife lose a combined total of 40 pounds.

Steven Sisskind, M.D.


One of my coaching secrets is helping customers understand that just about any favorite recipe can be transformed into a healthier choice.

My three rules for recipe makeovers?

Swap ingredients to:

  • Banish the empty calories
  • Boost the nutrition
  • Let the flavors shine through

Swapping out unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones can sometimes seem overwhelming.… Read More…

Three Things You Shouldn’t Say to Yourself When Dieting

Self control plays a vital role in dieting.

You’re out to dinner with friends. You got through the meal eating well. You order a bowl of berries for dessert. The rest of the table orders a brownie sundae to share. The ice cream lands on the table. Everyone digs in.

Eh, it’s a special occasion, I can splurge this once, you think.

And suddenly, you’re at the bottom of the bowl and you’re 400 calories in.

It’s easy to rationalize that slice of pizza or that hot fudge sundae, telling yourself that one little piece won’t hurt you.… Read More…

How Doing Good Makes You Healthier

The other day my friend told me the most heartwarming story. She took her daughter out for breakfast, and when she asked for the bill, the waitress came back with a note:

Life is short. Enjoy your time together. This one’s on me.

The note wasn’t signed and when she looked around the diner, nobody seemed to even look twice at her.

Quite a story, right? Since she told it to me I’ve been thinking a lot about random acts of kindness.… Read More…

Can This Bacteria Help You Lose Weight?

Probiotics are good bacteria that promotes proper digestion and could contribute to weight loss.

You’ve probably heard loads about the pros of probiotics already. If you haven’t, or if you don’t know what probiotics are, they’re microorganisms (science speak for bacteria) that help promote a balanced environment in the intestinal tract.

These friendly bacteria are commonly found in fermented foods – milk, yogurt, cabbage, fruit, and soybeans – and are available as nutritional supplements. Probiotics can breeze past the harsh stomach acid undigested, and take residence in the small intestine and colon.

The result is an intestinal microflora that’s not only in balance, but delivers some mighty impressive health benefits.… Read More…

7 (Easy!) Ways to Fool Yourself Into Exercising

A day of laziness can turn into weeks then eventually into a month of laziness.Ever have one of those days where you just can’t motor yourself to work out? The alarm clock rings, and you just want five more minutes of sleep… then five minutes turns to 10 and suddenly…

No time for your morning walk, if you don’t get dressed RIGHT NOW you’ll be late for work?

Or, at the end of the day, you know you should stop by the gym on your way home from the office, but heck, you’re just too exhausted.… Read More…

What To Do When Willpower is Weak

Time to learn how to control yourself over these tasty irresistible and tempting cupcakes.The other day we had friends over for dinner. As a gift for their hosts, our friends brought us a tremendous box of cupcakes… Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet… drowning in icing and oh, so delicious.

Although my wife, Melanie, served the cupcakes for dessert, there were still at least a dozen remaining after everyone left our home.

And so, for the next week, I simply could NOT resist those cupcakes.

As hard as I tried, every time I went into the kitchen, those cupcakes called my name.… Read More…

To Bean or Not to Bean

Sometimes it is confusing what to eat and what not to eat. Educate yourself better to make sure you stay away from the bad.

Confused about what to eat? Join the club. Even I, a medical doctor, get frustrated about all the conflicting information.

One week medical experts tout the benefits of carbs, the next week they say stay away from them. Suddenly, it’s “Don’t eat fat.” And just as quickly the message is, “Fat is essential.”

Is it any wonder we don’t know what to eat?

The latest controversy… Beans. Should you or shouldn’t you include them on your daily plate? Depending on which side you’re on, beans are either the spawn of the devil or the greatest thing since sliced bread.… Read More…

A Fruit is Not a Vegetable

It is good to know the difference between a Fruit and a Vegetable and know what's good and what's bad for you.

“Eat your fruits and vegetables,” is and always has been, a common mantra in Nutritionland.

In fact, the most recent U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that you fill half your plate with fruits AND vegetables.

Sounds healthy, but there’s just one little problem….

Fruits and vegetables are NOT the same nutritionally.

Why is this important? One of these you can eat with reckless abandon, while the other can cause all kinds of health problems when eaten in large volumes.

This is why it bothers me that they are so often mentioned in the same sentence.… Read More…

What to Do When The Scale is Stuck

Time to know what's wrong when your weight seems stuck despite all the hardwork.

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar… You’ve been eating well and exercising steadily, and progressively the pounds have been yielding.

Then, all of a sudden, BAM! The scale seems stuck.

And not just for one day, but for week after week. And, no matter how closely you follow your diet program, that scale Just Won’t Budge.

Frustrating? Absolutely.

Impossible to manage? Absolutely not.

You’ve hit a plateau. Something that nearly everyone trying to lose weight experiences.

What’s going on?

A few factors fall into play when it comes to a plateau.… Read More…

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