The RealDose Promise

The RealDose Promise

At RealDose, we have built our company on two promises that we take very seriously:

  • Promise 1: The Right Ingredients
  • Promise 2: The Real Dose

What does The RealDose Promise mean to you?

Promise # 1: The Right Ingredients

Are You Really Getting What You Think You Are Getting from Your Other Supplements? Do You know About the “Ingredient Bait and Switch”?

Here is how it works…

An ingredient gets a good result in a study published in a journal. But what most people don’t know is that the studies are done on SPECIFIC extracts of ingredients grown in a SPECIFIC region in a specific way.

In other words, let’s say ingredient X is shown in a double-blind study to reduce headache symptoms.

What is in the fine print is that ingredient X is grown in a specific region and extracted in a specific way – to certain standards. This is a BIG deal because certain ingredients have different STRAINS and are grown in certain soils.

So, for example the specific strain of Rhodiola Rosea shown to significantly reduce General Anxiety Disorder in a double-blind study grows in Siberia and is extracted in a way that is licensed by the Russian government.

What most supplement companies do is quote the research and then give you Rhodiola Rosea grown in China with no standards whatsoever. And of course the price (and quality) is usually a fraction that of the standardized extract you would get from Siberia!

At RealDose, we only get our ingredients from the actual source used in the study… that is our promise and that is why our supplements get you better (and safer) results. You KNOW what you are getting is the real dose.

We do use Rhodiola Rosea in our Weight Loss Formula for mood elevation, and believe us, we could have paid literally pennies on the dollar for the ingredient sourced from China – but that would not have met the RealDose standard.

Animal Studies, NOT Double-Blind HUMAN Studies

Another way most supplement companies fool you is by using ingredients only studied in rats or mice and/or only relying on anecdotal human reports.

Just because an ingredient helps a rat fight fat, does NOT mean it will help a human. Time after time promising ingredients in animal studies simply do not translate to humans. Don’t let this fool you.

Human pilot studies that are not double blind and placebo controlled are virtually worthless – there are simply too many variables that can taint the results. And there are documentated cases of companies paying test subjects to give good results and even provide phony before and after weight loss pictures.

If the ingredient does not get results going head to head with a placebo, a company simply should not make any health claims.

At RealDose, when we make a specific claim about an ingredient – you can rest assured it is backed by a HUMAN study that compares the ingredient to a placebo.

Again, this is why our formulas work… where others don’t.


Promise # 2: The Right Dose

Are Your Supplements Concealing the Amount of the Ingredient and Not Giving You the Right Dose?

The next way most supplement companies fool you (assuming they even get you the RIGHT INGREDIENTS) is by rarely if ever providing you the amount of the ingredient shown to get the results shown in the studies.

What good is an ingredient if there is not enough of it?

The way they generally do this is by creating a “proprietary formula” of multiple ingredients which hides the dosage of any particular ingredient in the formula! If the dosage was transparent, you’d most often see that there’s simply not enough to get results.

If they did have the right dose, they’d mention it in their marketing materials…

But they DON’T, and that’s because it costs a lot more to manufacture and cuts into their profits.

At RealDose, we give you the exact scientifically proven dose of every ingredient we make claims for. For example, with all four ingredients in our Weight Loss Formula, we give you the precise dose of each ingredient used in the research in order to back up our claims.

This is extremely important, and again – why our formulas get results, where others fall short.

Steven Sisskind, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

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